Welcome to Turtles Tackle!

Welcome to Turtles Tackle! A local Gold Coast brand started to help support Timmy Turtles videos. High quality apparel for those looking to get out on the water and go exploring. Make sure to tag @turtlestackle and @timmyturtle_official on all photos and posts with Turtles Tackle gear on Instagram and Fishing with Timmy Turtle on Facebook.

Timmy Turtle videos started on the 22nd of August 2016 as a way to help others looking to get into fishing in the local Gold Coast area. After just starting fishing I was disappointed with lack of videos showing how to fish the local water ways and the species it had to offer for lure and sports fishermen. The purpose was to create entertaining videos with a style to hopefully help teach as I learn, on how best to catch some of the great local species of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 

Best known for the PVC raft (Pipedream) used in the fishing videos, the idea was to show that you didn't need lots of money to get out on the water, have a great time and catch good fish. It could be built in your own garage with nothing more then left over building supplies, PVC glue and a drill and have you on the water the same day. The target species of the videos quickly became the Mangrove Jack. Pound for pound the strongest, dirtiest fighting fish you can target, each Jack caught on a lure represents dedication, hard work, persistence and perseverance. Follow the highs and lows of Mangrove jack fishing on the Youtube channel Fishing with Timmy Turtle and other social media pages as well as other target species and adventures!